Executive Members

Welcoming the Executive of 2018-2019

Pictured Above (Left to Right): Seated: Logan Emiry (VP Internal), Elaine Jeffs (President), Kurtis Pilkington (VP External), Standing: Emma Richards (B. Comm Rep), Shriyut Arya (Food Sci. Rep), Hannah Symington (2021 Rep), Kendra Cornelissen (BSc Agr/SRM Rep), Sean Mitchell (Environmental Science Rep), Kyle Nussey (LA Rep), Tuesday Kristiansen (Secretary), Josh Weber (Chair Person), Kyle Farquharson (2022 Rep), Talia Dee (Treasurer), Josh Moran (CSA Rep).

Executive of 2019- 2020

Elaine Jeffs , President

Elaine is a fourth year B.Sc. (Agr) – Honours student from a dairy and swine farm in Campbellford, ON. She is excited to be serving her fourth year on SFOAC, as the president. Elaine loves learning about crops, attending OAC events and meeting new people! Her advice to you is get involved in every club, event or opportunity that sparks your interest even a little. You never know where those experiences and people you meet will lead you! This year she looks forward to watching others discover what Aggie Spirit is all about!

Logan Emiry, Vice President of Internal Affairs

Logan is excited to spend his final year in honours Ag as the SFOAC Internal Vice President. He’s from the middle of nowhere in
Massey, Ontario where he live on his family Dairy Farm. He’s most excited to spend one final awesome year with the 2020 Buffalo and welcome the 2023s to campus. A fun fact about Logan is that he is the oldest of 4 cousins on campus this year (there is one in each year).

Kurtis Pilkington, Vice President of External Affairs

Kurtis is excited to be apart of the SFOAC this year as he enters his fourth and final year as a B.Sc. (ARG) honours major. He is from Cambridge, Ontario where he grew up on a hobby farm. Kurtis loves to be apart of all the great clubs and events within the SFOAC. The event he is most excited for is the OAC pig roast held in April. It’s a blast! If you ever need to find him, you can most likely catch him taking a nap in the Aggie lounge before or maybe even during classes.

Josh Weber, Chairperson

Josh Weber is entering his third year of a bachelor of Science in Agriculture. Josh will be representing the OAC as the Chairman. He is from a cash crop farm in Gencoe, Ontario and can’t wait to start helping out with the annual Goodtimes banquet and Pig Roast! Josh may tower over us now, but he wasn’t always tall… he barley made it into the back row of class pictures when he was a kid. For those of us still stuck in the front row – maybe there’s still hope!

Katelyn Damsma, Treasurer


Tuesday Kristiansen, Secretary

Tuesday not to be confused with Monday, Wednesday or Friday. Loves sheep and kiwi (the place and fruit), will talk your ears off for multiple hours and laugh until she’s snorting like a pig. The only time any of exec has seen her quiet is when she’s typing out the minutes. Entering her fourth year of honours agriculture, she may be pint sized but she’s got spirit and is eager for an awesome year.

Havie Carter, Public Relations Representative

Havie is a fourth year student at the university studying Honours Agriculture. She is from Newfoundland, Canada where she grew up on one of the only horticulture farms on the island, and working on a dairy farm. Havie can’t wait to meet the 2023’s and help make this the best year yet for the 2020 Buffalo! Havie just came back from a semester abroad in Wales, if you need someone to spread the word on a great event or activity, she’ll be happy to help!

Emma Richards, B.Comm Representative

Emma Richards is the SFOAC B. Comm Rep for this year. She is a Food and Agricultural Business student in her final year. Emma is from a sugar beet and tomato cash crop farm in Dresden, Ontario. As part of Emma’s role, she is responsible for planning the famous Goodtimes banquet which she can’t wait for! Less than 150 sleeps… Right Emma?? Although Emma grows an abundant amount of tomatoes she doesn’t like them so don’t offer to share with her if that’s your snack for the day! She can’t wait to help make this year great!

Kendra Cornelissen, B.Sc. (AGR) and SRM Representative


Josh Moran, CSA Representative

Josh, from Surmount county in Eastern Ontario is entering his third year of university. Josh is thrilled to be able to help get the Agricultural Policy and Politics club up and running this year! Not only is Josh active in the OAC, he has also run 2 marathons! If you have any questions about the Central Student Association, Josh is your guy.

 Sean Mitchell, Environmental Science Student Executive (ESSE)


 Talia Dee, Animal Biology Representative

Talia is the Animal Bio Rep for our SFOAC executive. She is from a small town called Harrowsmith. Talia is super excited to be the An Bio rep this year and can’t wait to get more involved and meet new people. She would especially like to help encourage more An Bio student to come out to more OAC events this year. Talia went to Laos in Southeast Asia this summer to work with elephants!

Shriyut Arya, Food Science Representative


Kyle Nussy, Landscape Architecture Representative


Kate Beirnes, OAC 2020 Representative

Kate is excited to be our representative for the OAC Class of 2020 Buffalo once again! Kate is in her final year of BBRM Environmental Management and is from Parry Sound, ON. Kate may not be from a farm, but she sure enjoys huntin’, fishin’ and lovin’ everyday. When not outside, Kate can be found in the Aggie lounge watching Netflix or maybe even playing the ukulele. Kate is ready for a great year working with the SFOAC and 2020 class!

 Hannah Syminton, OAC 2021 Representative

Hannah can’t wait to be the  2021 Class Rep for this academic year. Hannah grew up in a small town by the name of Alvinston in Lambton County and is from a small hobby farm. She is most excited this year to help plan and organize some awesome OAC events! Hannah started 4H at 19 years old (its never too late to try something!!)

Kyle Farquharson, OAC 2022 Representative


Kyle Farquharson  is the SFOAC 2022 Rep for this year. He is from a cash crop and meat rabbit farm in Mount Brydges, Ontario. Kyle is most excited to be involved in the clubs around campus and to continue to meet new friends this year! Heres a fun fact about Kyle – He is training to do a beer mile at the Beer Mile World Classic!