Executive Members

Welcoming the Executive of 2018-2019

Pictured Above (Left to Right): Seated: Elaine Jeffs (VP External), David Westerveld (President), Danielle Farquharson (VP Internal), Standing: Ian Burtwistle (2021 Rep), Natasha Bolender (Public Relations), Amber Zupan (Animal Bio Rep), Tuesday Kristiansen (Secretary), Pamela Teselink (2019 Rep), Will Kell (Treasurer), Matthew Fletcher (CSA Rep), Thomas Haché (Food Sci Rep), Kate Biernes (2020 Rep), Tamara Hamilton (BBRM Rep), M. Rosalind Snyder (ESSE Rep), Ryan Stevenson (Turf Rep), Evan Chaffe (Chairperson)

Not pictured: Kathryn Stanton (B.Comm Rep), Julie Milne (B.Sc. AGR Rep), Shelby Brubacher (Landscape Architecture Rep), TBD (2022 Rep)

While we work on our executive bios, please enjoy the past years executive photos!

Executive of 2017-2018

Eric Prelaz, President

Eric is well-known around the OAC and is fondly referred to as “The Italian Stallion”. Eric prides himself on his world renowned tomato sauce and has a dire passion about Heinze ketchup. His interests and hobbies include competitive ploughing, farming, hanging out with friends and family, and styling his hair. Future aspirations include  taking over the family farm and earning the title of “King of the Furrow” for his home county of Chatham-Kent.


Carson Burtwistle, Vice President of Interal Affairs

Carson is a John Deere fanactic and swears off red equipment. He has enjoyed his summer working in a green house growing green peppers and is extatic to be rolling into his 4th year. Carson has a small herd of cattle at his home farm where they are out on green pastures. You can spot him around campus in his green John Deere hat and off campus driving around his environmentally friendly Dodge van nicknamed the ‘Green machine’. If you need to get in-touch with Carson his Tuesday nights have recently become opened up.


Erica Sayles, Vice President of External Affairs



David Westerveld, Chairperson



Tyler Cronin, Treasurer

Tyler is super excited to be going into his 2nd year in Agriculture buisness. When Tyler is in guelph he enjoys doing dishes and cleaning up his house on Reid court. Tyler likes to spend alot of time in his sow barns, but not as much time as he spends on his hair in the morning. Tyler is a proud momma’s boy and love to support Ontario pork under his mother’s wing. Tyler is looking forward to balancing the books for the SFOAC this year.


Emma Allen, Secretary

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Emma Allen is a 2018 Timberwolf, currently trying to finish up her 4th year of the Animal Science Program. She hails from the swampland of New Brunswick, where she grew up and worked on her families 50 head dairy farm *quota*. In her spare time she enjoys complaining about everything and showing her 4-H heifers. You’ll most likely find her on a farm, or in a completely different country playing with cows while she’s not at school. Emmas Other hobbies include procrastination, and trying to not burn down her house when cooking. She hopes everyone loves being a part of the OAC as much as she has, and that the keg never runs dry! GLORY GLORY TO THE COLLEGE ON THE HILL!


Matthew Fletcher, Public Relations Representative


Katelyn Damsma, B.Comm Representative

Katelyn is extatic to be coming back for her 3rd year at the OAC as a Grizzlie. Shes to cool for school, so she just commits all her time to Co-op. However, when shes not at her Co-op she enjoys long walks on the beach, but only on cloudy days as to prevent sun burn. You can spot her rolling with the windows down in her Ford fusion and jamming out to Florida Georgia Line on the radio.

Amy Reymer, B.Sc. (AGR) Representative

Amy, our Bachelor of Science in Agriculture representative, is a 4th year B.Sc.(Agr) student from a cash crop farm in Aylmer, ON. This 2018 Timberwolf likes to drive tractors, cook, sew, and sing 90’s country & hip-hop. She can be found attempting to run, on pinterest, or in a field. Amy is always up for an adventure, and loves her OAC family.


Tamara Hamilton, BBRM Representative

Tamara Hamilton is going into her third year in the Bio-Resource Management (Enviro Sci) major and she is an avid member of the University of Guelph Quota Hunters Association, as both a quota hunter AND quota holder. Born and raised on a dairy farm in Eastern Ontario, her family milks Holsteins and crops 800 acres. When she is not hugging trees, she enjoys working in the barn, going on spontaneous adventures, playing rugby and food. She loves being apart of the OAC and can’t wait to get to know more people by getting involved with the Federation. If she’s not in the library you’ll catch her in the gym, or spending time around local farms (*hint hint* for capture the aggie) .

Joe Sarraino, CSA Representative

Joe Sarraino a.k.a the master of funk will be representing the OAC as the new CSA rep. He is going into 4th year With several years in the food service industry Joe has respectfully earned the title as the Guy Fieri of the team. Aside from pursuing a degree in Agriculture Business he is also an acclaimed back up actor, with his biggest break being Martin Lawrence’s back up in 2003’s blockbuster Bad Boys II. To sum this supple genius, he’s the kind of guy you want on your Family Feud team.

Emma Nightingale, Environmental Science Student Executive (ESSE)

Emma is the Environmental Sciences Student Executive (ESSE) rep on the SFOAC. She is a fourth year Environmental Economics and Policy major, which basically means that she likes long walks in the woods and hugging trees. She has spent a lot of her time  petting horses or dogs as they are both . I am super excited to work with the rest of the exec to make sure all Aggies have a great year!!


Julia Viveiros, Animal Biology Representative

does not enjoy selfies.


Rachel White, Food Science Representative

Rachel is the SFOAC rep for the Food Science Club and the Food Science rep for SFOAC, which basically means she has very busy Tuesday and Wednesday evenings. She is a fifth year Co-op Food Science major and has had job titles of “Ketchup Formulator”, “Rice Quality Scientist”, and “Professional Beer Taster Trainer”. Rachel grew up with her childhood hero being Snow White, and is hoping to major with a thesis in solving the poison apple perdicament . When she’s not in the Product Development lab in the Food Science building, you can find her working in the Co-op and Career Services Office, attempting to practice yoga, playing overly competitive games of Clue with roommates, and napping whenever possible.”


Paul Powers, Turfgrass Management Representative



Ashley Hosker, Landscape Architecture Representative

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TBD, Graduate Student Representative



Jacob Palmateer, OAC 2018 Representative



Allison Brown, OAC 2019 Representative




Elaine Jeffs, OAC 2020 Representative



Mélissa Brisson, OAC 2021 Representative