Executive Members

Welcoming the Executive of 2018-2019

Pictured Above (Left to Right): Seated: Elaine Jeffs (VP External), David Westerveld (President), Danielle Farquharson (VP Internal), Standing: Ian Burtwistle (2021 Rep), Natasha Bolender (Public Relations), Amber Zupan (Animal Bio Rep), Tuesday Kristiansen (Secretary), Pamela Teselink (2019 Rep), Will Kell (Treasurer), Matthew Fletcher (CSA Rep), Thomas Haché (Food Sci Rep), Kate Biernes (2020 Rep), Tamara Hamilton (BBRM Rep), M. Rosalind Snyder (ESSE Rep), Ryan Stevenson (Turf Rep), Evan Chaffe (Chairperson)

Not pictured: Kathryn Stanton (B.Comm Rep), Julie Milne (B.Sc. AGR Rep), Shelby Brubacher (Landscape Architecture Rep), Josh Schatt (2022 Rep), Michaela Lièvre (Graduate Rep)

Executive of 2018-2019

David Westerveld, President

David is currently in his fourth year of the B.Sc. (Agr)- Honours Ag program at the University of Guelph. He grew up in Ingersoll, Ontario and currently enjoys research, agronomy, and dairy production. His highlights after being part of the OAC for the past three years are the friends, faculty, and alumni he has learned from. During his summers David has thoroughly enjoyed working for Sylvite Agri-Service, BASF, and Maizex. David believes this workplace experience has complimented his education immensely. He is looking forward to another great year with learning experiences, networking, and opportunity for all students!


Dani Farquharson, Vice President of Interal Affairs

Danielle is a cattle loving, pig loving, crop scout, going into her 4th year of Bsc AGR Honours. This eager beaver is from her family farm in Mt. Brydges, Ontario and you can find her at almost any & every Aggie event! In her sparse, spare time she can be found indulging in the fine delicacies of chicken nuggets and a Tim Hortons Ice cap. Dani looks forward to her role as VP Internal, welcoming the class of 2022’s. With hope they will help her to finally conquer the dangerous waters of Chem 1050.


Elaine Jeffs, Vice President of External Affairs

Elaine is a third year B.Sc. (Agr) – Honours student from a dairy and swine farm in Campbellford, ON. She is excited to be serving her third year on SFOAC, currently in the role of VP External. Elaine loves learning about crops, attending OAC events and meeting new people! Her advice to you is get involved in every club, event or opportunity that sparks your interest even a little. You never know where those experiences and people you meet will lead you! This year she looks forward to watching others discover what Aggie Spirit is all about!

Evan Chaffe, Chairperson

Evan grew up on a beef farm just north of Mitchell in the County of Perth. He is currently in his 3rd year of Food and Agricultural Business. You can find Evan at most of the OAC events and at almost every Aggie Pub. He is very involved with sports and hockey is by far his favourite however, he does cheer for the Dallas Stars so his hockey knowledge is always in question. For any problems you do not know where to go feel free to ask him and he will get you pointed in the right direction.


Will Kell, Treasurer

Will Kell the money man of the operation is entering his fourth and final year of Ag Business. A known connoisseur of the fine Jack Daniels Whiskey, spends his hot summer days scouting taters and orange dirt twigs. Winning weeds team was the highlight of his plant nerd lifestyle and if you have questions you can catch him at pub drinking doubles in the background.

Tuesday Kristiansen, Secretary

Tuesday not to be confused with Monday, Wednesday or Friday. Loves sheep and kiwi (the place and fruit), will talk your ears off for multiple hours and laugh until she’s snorting like a pig. The only time any of exec has seen her quiet is when she’s typing out the minutes and listening to Evan. Entering her third year of honours agriculture, she may be pint sized but she’s got spirit and is eager for an awesome year.

Natasha Bolender, Public Relations Representative


Kathryn Stanton, B.Comm Representative

This year Kathryn is excited to be going into my third year for Agriculture Business and Coop. Kathryn come from a cash crop and beef farm in the Ottawa Valley where she is heavily involved in 4H and junior farmers. Outside of classes and work you can find her playing intramurals representing the Buffalo’s, or practicing her moves on the 2020’s square dancing team. She loves being a part of the OAC family and can’t wait to help other Aggies have another great year at the University of Guelph!

Julie Milne, B.Sc. (AGR) Representative

Julie grew up on a dairy farm way out in a little town called Campbellford. Her spare time is spent watching ALL of the Star Wars movies and when she disappears send a search party to the library! She’s a fun, smart, cow loving, adventurous girl who spent a number of months chasing the hobbit trail in New Zealand. If you need to figure out an SRM she’s your girl!


Tamara Hamilton, BBRM Representative

Tamara Hamilton is going into her third year in the Bio-Resource Management (Enviro Sci) major and she is an avid member of the University of Guelph Quota Hunters Association, as both a quota hunter AND quota holder. Born and raised on a dairy farm in Eastern Ontario, her family milks Holsteins and crops 800 acres. When she is not hugging trees, she enjoys working in the barn, going on spontaneous adventures, playing rugby and food. She loves being apart of the OAC and can’t wait to get to know more people by getting involved with the Federation. If she’s not in the library you’ll catch her in the gym, or spending time around local farms (*hint hint* for capture the aggie) .

Matthew Fletcher, CSA Representative

Member Fletcher is entering his third year in honours agriculture, commonly found in the western mountains of Canada, with a drink in his hand and ready to tackle the big, wide world of beef farming. His favourite colour is Stihl orange and he has a fear of mattresses. Commonly found on Thursday evenings at the Ranch dancing with some of the older folk.

M. Rosalind Snyder, Environmental Science Student Executive (ESSE)


Amber Zupan, Animal Biology Representative

Amber is a 2020 Buffalo in her third year of Animal Biology. She currently holds the position of Animal Biology Rep on SFOAC as well as the SFOAC Rep for the Animal Biology Student Association.  She loves to get involved in many activities including intramurals, orientation week, giving campus tours and volunteering at the Elora Cattle Research Stations. Amber’s favourite activity to participate in thus far was learning how to show dairy cattle in the livestock shows during College Royal. She looks forward to getting to know more Aggies through the Federation and hopes to get more AnBios involved in OAC traditions.

Thomas Haché, Food Science Representative

Thomas Haché is known by his class as the “food sci guy”, but shouldn’t be mistaken for any of the other Thomas Haché’s that are in the OAC.  He used to work for a horse farm for about 7 years, until he started working as maintenance at The Big Apple in Colborne.  Thomas is going into his third year of Food Science and is looking forward to getting more involved with Ag events and bringing in more people from Food Science to come to events as well.


Ryan Stevenson, Turfgrass Management Representative

Ryan is a first year turfie who enjoys golf, his lady, and looking classy.

Shelby Brubacher, Landscape Architecture Representative


Michaela Lièvre, Graduate Student Representative

Michaela is a recent grad of the Honours Ag major and is currently working on a thesis-based masters in the Animal Biosciences department. Her research focuses on the influence of maternal nutrition on colostrum quality and immune transfer from cow to calf in beef cattle. Michaela loves to be involved in her school community and is passionate about the OAC. She is a member of the Student Experience department working as a START and Bounce Back Facilitator, is a member of the OAC Liaison team, and is a member of the OAC Graduate Student Council. Michaela often heads home to Woodstock on the weekends where she spends her time working in the dairy barn at the Trouw Nutrition Agresearch Farm or riding her horses with her sister

Pamela Teselink, OAC 2019 Representative

Pamela is currently in her fourth year of B.Sc. (Agr) Animal Science program at the University of Guelph. Pamela lives in Arthur, Ontario on a family run dairy farm. When not at school, Pamela loves going home to see all her adorable dogs and cows. Pamela also loves travelling and plans to begin her adventures in Europe after graduating in the Spring. Pamela is excited to be representing the 2019’s as this is going to be the most thrilling year yet for the Grizzlies!

Kate Beirnes, OAC 2020 Representative

Kate is excited to be our new representative for the OAC Class of 2020 Buffalo! Kate is in her 3rd year of BBRM Environmental Management and is from Parry Sound, ON. Kate may not be from a farm, but she sure enjoys huntin’, fishin’ and lovin’ everyday. When not outside, Kate can be found in the aggie lounge watching Netflix. Kate is ready for a great year working with the SFOAC and 2020 class!

Ian Burtwistle, OAC 2021 Representative

Ian is currently entering his second year of agricultural business. He grew up on a beef farm in London. One of his proudest moments at Guelph was placing first in bowling at the OAC winter games, along side a team of equally stellar athletes. Ian looks forward to another great year as an Aggie!


Josh Schat, OAC 2022 Representative

This keen calf comes to us in his first year from a proud cabbage farm, he’s looking forward to being a part of the OAC and always rises to the occasion to support the other exec members.