OAC Soil and Crop Club

Contact Information: Facebook – OAC Soil and Crop Club

Twitter – @OACSoilCropClub

The OAC Soil and Crop Club is offered to anyone with an interest in soils, crops, and anything in between. Members range from first to fourth year students. All levels of experience are welcome to attend. Weekly meetings are held with guest speakers with expertise in the industry as well as bus/farm tours in the fall and winter semesters. For updates and more information follow our social media pages on Facebook and Twitter, also see the SF update for our latest info. Feel free to contact anyone on the club executive for more information.

2019-2020 Soil and Crop executive

President – Bernard Wierenga – bwiereng@uoguelph.ca

Vice-President – Gloria Walch – gwalch@uoguelph.ca

Treasurer – Hannah Symington – hsymingt@uoguelph.ca

Communications – Kyle Rutherford – rutherfk@uoguelph.ca

Events – Josh Weber – jweber10@uoguelph.ca