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College Royal, held each March, is the largest university open house event of its kind in North America and attracts over 30,000 visitors every year. For students College Royal is also a 12-day long event that includes popular events like Super Thursday and the College Royal Ball. College Royal is a student run and organized event that involves some 3,000 volunteers each year. Whether you are a member of the general public curious to see what goes on at the “university on the hill”, or a student looking to become involved, we invite you to join us. Come and join the fun next March!

2023-2024 Officers

President: Lexi Johnston

Vice President: Emily Deklein

Secretary: Maggie Durnin

Treasure: Gracie Goodhill

VP of Donations: Mira Carter

VP of PR: Jill Ohm

VP of Open House: Sophie Peev

VP of Events: Emily Hickey

VP of Livestock: Kyla Lewis