Horticulture Club

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The Horticulture Club began in 1908 with the intention of providing a means of discussing scientific and practical problems not covered in class. The objectives of the club today have not strayed too far from the founding club’s vision. The goal of the club as stated in its 1995 constitution is: “to enhance the educational experience of any University of Guelph students with an interest in horticulture”. The club achieves this objective by promoting and providing activities such as field trips, guest lectures, and social events.

2024/2025 Horticulture Club Executive 

President: Samantha Chow

Vice President: Ikram Mohamed

Events Director: Emily Hunter

Treasurer: Lauren Hoonaard

Communications: Jade Hargrave

Secretary: Maya Graham

College Royal Representatives: Amanda Litwin and Isabelle Tetley

Greenhouse Conference Coordinators: Shraddha Madaria and Allison Arius