OAC 2024

Class: OAC 2024

Colours: Dark Green & Gold

Mascot: Wild Boar

Honorary President: Each OAC class selects a professor from the University of Guelph, Ontario Agriculture College to join their class.

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2024 Class Executive

President: Maggie Durnin

Vice-President: John Arts

Treasurer: Sydney Topfer

Secretary: Isabella Espino

SFOAC Rep: Karen Reymer

Events Director: Kaitlin Woods

Communications: Priscilla Dyck

Clothing Director: Emily Deklein

Pub Director: Lexi Johnston

Female Sports Rep: Bianca Garcia

Male Sports Rep: Ian Jamieson

Animal Biology Rep: Christina Gao

FAB/FARE Rep: Evan Paul

Environmental Science Rep: Ryan Rosniak

BBRM Rep: Holly Seymour

Food Science Rep: Oderay Bastidas

Gettin’ Hog Wild