OAC 2024

Welcome to the OAC Aggie Family!

          OAC students have a long history of class pride, community spirit and making the campus and our community better. The Class of 2024 is an important part of the OAC community as the 150th incoming class of the Ontario Agriculture College! The SFOAC and entire OAC community look forward to getting to know the Class of 2024.

          There are many opportunities to get involved in the OAC and begin building a network in the agricultural industry. Take a look at the Get Involved tab to find out about clubs and events that the OAC community are involved in. If you are interested in taking a leadership role within your 2024 Class Executive stay on this page.

Join the OAC Class of 2024 Aggies Facebook Group to connect with your classmates and keep up to date on class events and opportunities!

Colours: Each class must choose a primary and secondary class colour. These colours should be unique to your class and must not reflect any recent OAC class’ colours. Choose wisely because once your colours are chosen they will help identify your class forever.

Mascot: Every OAC class selects a unique mascot to represent their class along with their colours. Just like the class colours, this mascot will stick with your class forever and must be different from any other recent class mascots.

Honorary President: Each OAC class selects a professor from the University of Guelph, Ontario Agriculture College to join their class.

2024 Class Executive

Each class of the OAC has its own student executive. The students on this executive are selected by their peers in a class vote. The positions on the class executive may include the following:






Events Director


Clothing Director

Pub Director

Female Sports Rep

Male Sports Rep

Landscape Architecture Rep

Animal Biology Rep


Environmental Science Rep


Slogan: Every OAC class creates a unique slogan which will forever be associated with that particular class much like the colours and mascot.