OAC 2025

Class: OAC 2025

Colours: Navy Blue and Fire Engine Red

Mascot: Bucks

Honorary President: Each OAC class selects a president from the University of Guelph, Ontario Agriculture College to join their class.

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2025 Class Executive

President: Kiara Driscoll

Vice-President: Matt Brown

Treasurer: Morgan Clark

Secretary: Kaitlyn MacGillivray

SFOAC Rep: Lucy McNiven

Events Director: Emily Doan

Communications: Kaitlyn Clare

Clothing Director: Jill Ohm

Pub Director: Carmen White

Female Sports Rep: Sophie Van den Borre

Male Sports Rep: Daan Strik

Slogan: Every OAC class creates a unique slogan which will forever be associated with that particular class much like the colours and mascot.