Get Hip Quick

We’ve got some tips fo new students to feel right at home in the OAC and make the most of their experience as an Aggie!

Do get involved.
Don’t wait to be asked to volunteer.

Do be proud of the OAC, and the fact that you’re an Aggie.
Don’t miss out on AGGIE WEEK, or the SFOAC Frosh BBQ.

Do ask questions of SFOAC, your class or club executive, as well as professors and University staff.
Don’t line up for new books – buy used!

Do paint the cannon in Branion Plaza.
Don’t call ‘THE KEG’; the “Brass Taps!”

Do go on Crop Tour (Summer before 4th year).
Don’t forget your ID card for anything, especially exams.

Do play intramural sports.
Don’t miss out in all the fun events and programming the OAC provides.

Do prove that your class is the best and accumulate spirit points.
Don’t miss a single Aggie Pub.

Do apply for Scholarships in the online Undergraduate Calendar.
Don’t forget to visit the Aggie Lounge in Johnston Hall regularly, just not during the Fall 2020 semester, it’s closed.

Do remember to have a great time.
Don’t forget that the reason you are here is for an education.