College on the Hill Song

To the tune of Glory, Glory, Hallelujah

We’re out for blood and thunder boys,

We’re farmers on a spree

We’re taking four year courses

At the famous OAC

We’ve nothing to be frightened of

We’re glorious and free

Hurrah for the OAC (by heck)



Glory, Glory to the College of the Hill

Glory, Glory to the fellow with a will.

Who plugs with strong devotion

Till he’s given his degree.

Hurrah for the OAC


They fed us klim at breakfast time

At dinner ice and tea

They feed us fish on Friday,

That’s been six months out to sea

And then to cap the climax boys

At dinner there’s no tea

Hurrah for the OAC




Our little son has ended boys,

We hope we’ve done no wrong.

The best that can be said

Is that it wasn’t very long.

So anytime you’re handy, boys,

Just drop around and see

The Chaps from the OAC