OAC Spirit Points

Ever wonder how to win spirit points for your class? This page will give you all the information you need to know to help you class win the yearly title.

Tier 1

20 points

Tier 2

15 points

Tier 3

10 points

Tier 4

5 points

Goodtimes O-Week Events * All Media / Publicity Blood donor
Pig Roast SFOAC Open Meeting Class Events / Challenges Club meetings
Leadership Conference Career week events Euchre, Aggies Got Talent, Hockey Night, Trivia Spectator at sports
Winter Games Aggie Week Events Charity Event Participation Participant at sports
OAC Elections Pub
** OAC Tours
Ski Trip
Royal Participation (Excluding square dancing)
College Royal Participation (Excluding square dancing)


Points for Entering a Team

OAC or Alumni Tournamnent 25
Varsity Athlete (per athlete) 25
Intramural Sports Team (must finish season) 25
Tractor Tug Team 25
Class Banner at Event 50
Square Dance Team in College Royal / Royal 50
Cannon Painting 100
Goodtimes Award 100

Winning Sports Events (including square dancing)

1st 100
2nd 50
3rd 25

Placing at Royal Individual Events and College Royal Team Events (excluding square dancing)

1st 20
2nd-5th 10
6th-10th 5

Placing at College Royal Individual Events, Judging Competition and Weeds Team (per person on a team)

1st 10
2nd 5
3rd 3


Other Points

Honourary President: worth the points of 5 people (Ex. Hon Prez attends class challenge points = 10*5, 50 points total)
Negative Points: stealing banner – 1000, Graffiti – 25 or more
Pizza Eating Contest: 1 point per slice
Items for OAC Charity Events: Dependent, ex. 5 points for events with less items (Operation Christmas Child), 1 point for events with more items (Food Drive)

Point Amendments/Additions

* Media posts include tweets, facebook and istagram posts from accounts within the industry that mention the students name (mentions on personal accounts of classmates do not count) 
**All OAC Tours will be considered a single event no matter the length of the tour. Tours included will be Crop Tour, Costa Rica, Grad Trip, and any tours planned by OAC accredited organizations


1. Keep a list of names for each event (Pictures make better proof)
2. Negative spirit points and losing spirit points can be possible (banner stealing, vandalism, etc.)
3. A minimum of 15 students makes up a class event
4. SFOAC VP Internal has the final say on points given or taken away for events, etc!
5. If any revisions for a major points decision needs to be made VP internal and the consecutive 4 years VP’s will discuss and reach a decision
6. Spirit points are due by the first of every month.